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M2PTactical Laser Tag and Archery Tag
Mission2Play laser tag for 10 years and older.


- An abbreviation for "Mission-To-Play" which offers action-packed, live FPS, (first-person-shooter), experiences in Laser Tag and Archery Tag using highly technical gear through strategic, team-centric scenarios.

We are now closed.

Who We Are

We're a small family owned business trying to make a difference by providing truly unique experiences for those who enjoy playing TAG through laser tag and archery tag.

Thank You

We believe our play is the best around and hoped to share that as much as possible by opening the facility at 1315 S. Arizona Ave in Chandler. Many came through our doors skeptical but left with smiles and affirmations that the play was indeed spectatular! Thank you to all our customers who gave us a try and frequented our facility, though short as it was.

What Happened

As a family owned and operated business, we don't have deep pockets. In truth, we did not get the numbers, (sales volume), where they needed to be and the Landlords decided to lock it up. The MIRACLE here is that they let us try! We'd like to thank them for that opportunity.

Relocation Option

If you have property, or know someone with vacant property, and believe we would be a good fit... please contact us! Or if you're interested in running this type of business, please contact us!


If you have questions or concerns: